5 Things Never To Do For A Woman

Firstly, Never pay a woman’s school fees. Unless she is your wife, never pay for a woman’s education. I’ve seen people send their woman to school only for her to meet her soulmate in school. Don’t do it!!!

Secondly, Never pay for a woman’s house rent unless she’s your wife or you stay together, I’ve seen men visit their woman in the apartment they secured for her and she’d still bring another man in to smash. Don’t play yourself!!!

Thirdly, Never commit a crime for a woman. It’s okay to take care of your woman, but if you have to commit crimes or do fraud to get money to keep her, only to impress her, then that’s foolishness.
Let’s assume you got caught by the police in the process and you had to be in prison for 2-5years, you think she will wait for you to get out? She’d move on, no one wanna be associated with criminals so it’s not worth it kings.

Fourthly, never disrespect your family for a woman. Some of you would rather disrespect your mother to please a woman, the woman who makes you happy today could leave you tomorrow but your family will never leave you. Never place women over your family, kings.

Lastly, never compromise your needs for a woman: I see men fail in putting themselves first most of the time, you’d see a man send a woman to school while he’s uneducated, he needs the degree too but can’t afford to pay tuition for two so he sponsors her education instead, some men will need new clothes but would rather buy that expensive wig and gown for a woman to please her while they don’t buy for themself. A woman who truly loves you would be understanding and considerate enough, she wouldn’t want you to go hungry just so she can feed, she’d want the best for the both of you, never do it, kings!!!

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