Good day to y’all and you’re welcome to Zito’s Blog. Today, we’re having a very important personality right here. She’s active and vision-driven. A lady who is driven by the desire to serve. She’s indeed a lady worthy of emulation. She’s proved against all odds that women can certainly compete on a man’s playground. She’s the incumbent vice president of the Association Of Mass Communication Students in Federal Polytechnic Nekede. I’m talking of no other person but Miss Ebere Jennifer. Here’s how the interview went;

ZITO: Good morning. You’re welcome to Zito’s Blog, Miss Jennifer Ebere.

MISS JENNIFER: Thanks for having me.

ZITO: First things first, tell us a bit about you. Who is Jennifer?
MISS JENNIFER: Okay thank you for this opportunity.
Jennifer is a student in the Mass Communication department at Federal Polytechnic Nekede. She hails from Abia State, she’s is the only daughter of her late parents, She loves photography, writing, and reading novels. Jennifer is a goal-getter, friendly and jovial person.

ZITO: Now, you as a Mass Communication student. We know the stress that comes with the job as the Vice President of the School Of General Studies. But we also know your first focus as a student. How do you hope to merge these two very key functions?
MISS JENNIFER: Naturally a woman can multi-task, that is why she can be cooking and at the same time be bathing her children, and by experience also during my IT, I was teaching and at the same time running my business, so with that I know I can merge this two functions, as a human being it will be stressful but I know I can do it.

ZITO: Now to politics itself as a student. What made you want to play politics in school or what made you want to serve Nigeria Students?
How did it all start? What was the drive behind you coming out for that position and not another position?
MISS JENNIFER: The drive for coming out for the position of the vice president is because I want to be a mother figure to the Association Of Mass Communication Students (ASMACS) and to make that position active and vibrant again, the bible says that a wise woman plans her home and the foolish one destroys it. With God’s wisdom, I and the other executives will plan Asmacs to a greater height.
The Zeal to do more, the Zeal to make a difference….. During the campaign, I will always say “Together we can make a difference “And not just any difference but a positive difference… because positivity is our goal.

ZITO: On that day, when you were declared the winner at the polls, how did you feel knowing fully you were unopposed and that there are several votes you need to get before you can be declared a winner?
Did you ever think it was possible?
MISS JENNIFER: At first I was nervous, but I held myself and told myself that I am a winner and not a loser, So when I was declared the winner I was happy, grateful to God that my efforts were not in vain, there and then I prayed for the strength to lead the great students of ASMACS.

ZITO: On a lighter note, being the ASMACS Vice President and all the status that comes with the job, has everything changed about you? Do you still do those things you used to do before?
MISS JENNIFER: Nothing has changed, the only change now is that people now g
call me “Mama” in my daily life, and nothing has changed. Then character aspect, yes something has changed because I can let the voice in my head speak out through my mouth, because I used to be a person that don’t talk too much, But now if I see something going wrong I will let the voice in my head speak up.

ZITO: Now as the Vice President, what should students of the School of General Studies (ASMACS) expect from you?
MISS JENNIFER: Students should expect better motherhood.
Expect activities that will teach and innovate their minds for a better future…
Expect representation…. because I would help in my power to be their voice.

ZITO: Alright Miss Jennifer, I Appreciate you coming on Zito’s Blog
MISS JENNIFER: Thank you sir for the opportunity….. Just try and drink water 😁😁

ZITO: I’m always drinking water, ma’am.😂😂
Last words to those students especially the ladies who are looking up to you, Your advice to them, please.
MISS JENNIFER: Ladies we are strong and unique, we can do anything we put our minds on ….so stop saying I can’t do and do it…set your goals and go for it…the top is where we belong and we will get there…. see you all at the top… Thanks

ZITO: Wow! Inspiring words from the vice president right there. Thank you so much, Miss Jennifer.
MISS JENNIFER: You welcome, sir.

ZITO: Alright friends. Thanks for following. Until next time, this is Zito’s Blog…

Now that was the ASMACS vice president of the School of General Studies in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri. Miss Ebere Jennifer. A strong lady I must confess. I believe she must have answered a few questions in the hearts of many.

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