Avoid Taking Malaria Medications With Any Vitamins Drugs.

“Zito, my wife is having malaria again, she just wrapped up one malaria therapy alongside pain killers not long ago and she is sleeping under mosquito net, I don’t know what’s wrong and what to do.”

Is she taking the malaria medication together with any Vitamins or folic acid ?


Then that’s the problem.


Taking malaria medication with folic acid especially high doses of follicle acid doubles the chances of the anti-malaria failure.

If she is to use folic acid while on anti-malaria treatment then a low dose of 0.5-1.5mg daily of folic acid is to be used. According to recent research this particular dose range do not significantly interfere with the anti-malaria treatment—

-but taking higher doses of folic acid definitely will.

Taking malaria medication with any Vitamins will definitely reduce its potency and wouldn’t give you any tangible results.

It’s best you take it after the malaria medication.
Thank you and stay safe.

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