Awareness Against Malaria.

Black may be the clouds about us,
And our future may seem grim,
All because of this monster called malaria,
But let not our nerves desert us,
Let’s keep ourselves in fighting trim.
Together, we’ll win this battle against malaria,
Even if the worst is bound to happen,
Spite of all we do,
Running from it will not save us.

Prince Ned Nwoko has done his best,
It was he who took the mantle of going to a far away continent covered with ice and cold,
He left his comfort zone to the South-Pole,
In order to create awareness for the eradication of Malaria in Africa.
What more can we do?…if not to join in the movement to bring this course to a success,
Despite all of us fighting our various battles,
And some of them have been lost,
But still we all stand stronger,
Let’s join in the movement and let God handle the rest.

Do You know how many kids die from malaria each year?
The records are there for us to see,
Even as adult, you and I could be a victim of this disease which has claimed the lives of millions.
To fight this disease, we must go beyond the usual with full force to win people’s heart,
With that we are on a journey for a successful eradication of malaria in Nigeria and Africa at large.

This problem is beyond the shoulder of one person, We need the support of various private and public bodies to support the movement, without discipline, determination and cooperation, we’ll not be able to achieve this feat.
Prince Ned has done his part, it’s remaining us to follow suit,
he met with various scientists to discuss the way forward in bringing this fight against malaria to an end, very soon Our dearest Country, Nigeria Will be free from Malaria.

Thanks to all who are supporting the movement.
The fight against malaria should start from us

#Charles Oluebube Obilor

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