In life we make friends and some of those friends at a point become family, while some their journey with us ends, which may be as a result of neglect or maybe uneccessary envy growing up in us.

I am one of those who have always wandered why most of us whenever someone’s name is mentioned around us we start being uncomfortable, our minds start looking for what we can do to make life unbearable for that person.

Most at times we sow hatred where love ought to be a bridge, thereby building walls around us, making us not to appreciate the sweet juice coming out from our neighbors.

Life made me understand, that those who tend to hate you, also hate themselves too, but are intimidated by your personality or profile. Which is why you need to appreciate the fact they’re friends, and you need to show them love because they’re consumed by pure evil.

I told myself, George if my friends success can give me pinching body and all I do is to team up to destroy his effort’s, them am more of witch, so learn to appreciate the people around you.

Instead of being uncomfortable with our friends success and masking to like him or her, why not try going to him to show you the way, I believe the person will guide you, everyone on earth has his or her fate entwined to another person, so learn to appreciate humans.

Finally, when love conquers us, we can do everything possible to promote one another, God has deposited something unique in each and everyone of us, which can be harnessed when we appreciate that of others. If someone once hurt you learn to forgive the person, and let go, never seek opportunity to revenge back.

Maka ndi Revengers association, udo diri unu, remember he who must destroy others to succeed, destruction awaits him at the gate of his success, as a person am not interested in competing with anyone, my prayer is we all make it alive.

Never allow evil consume you to the point of always seeking revenge, and hurting people. Good morning ndi oma

©George Soromtochukwu.

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