Disastrous State Of Institutions In Nigeria. (1)

Polytechnics today in Nigeria are the disastrous institutions in the world today due to their poor management and system of academic, despite the poor conditions of most Nigerian polytechnics, the management of these institutions quite believe they are some of the best in the world even to the point of rating and ranking their poorly managed institutions with other institutions in the world.

The Nigerian tertiary institution is a disgrace to education in this era, that’s the basic fact. The bitter truth untold in Nigeria today is most schools in Nigeria today are business settings as most of them are completely after riches and nothing more than that. Today, out of bitterness and anger I want to list some of the problems of most schools in Nigeria, citing my school In the eastern part of the country as an example, in particular, and also provide possible solutions to this situations as my little proportion to the development of the standards of most polytechnics in Nigeria, I realize I can’t keep criticizing the educational system if I don’t profound the solution to most of the problems I keep talking about, which makes me one of the problems of the tertiary institution too if I can’t help it out but just complain every day. So today I took it upon myself to write the facts and even though some people may be hurt.

First, let’s look at the LECTURERS. A Lecturer is supposed to be a well-disciplined individual and should be looked upon as a father or mother to any student in schools, instead of the lecturers today play the roles of gods and liked to be worshiped as gods, this shouldn’t be so, why should a lecturer tell a student you will fail my course and re-write its next session and such person will not answer to the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? At best I will like to suggest to the Nigerian Authority concern to please let the lecturers know their boundaries and limit to how they handle students, notwithstanding, lecturers contribute to the failure of majority of students and high crime rate in the federation, if not 80%. Those people make life unbearable for students, some go to the far edge of committing suicide, whereas some become the monsters we see in our community today. Lecturers should not be feared they should be respected.

Secondly, let’s look at the infrastructure in Nigeria Institution, We are meant to believe every year in, there are Education Trust Fund project that is supposed to be erected in these schools due to the increasing number of students being admitted into these public institutions, but the State of most institutions in the country is nothing to write home about, students go to school and come back looking like they went to the plantation and not class, The bodies guiding these institutions won’t stop going to annual Strikes because those funds don’t come into their purse after some months and years and even those that manage to have classes also lack maintenance and as it is now if care is not taken in the next five to eight years coming some of this Nigerian schools will start operating under deficient buildings without facilities having lectures. How can a school in this era and age have one class serving 4 different levels and departments in the same faculty, classes now are based on first come first serve, do those people concern in the school also passed through this same method of receiving lectures? If yes, then now that you can control the system of schools, if you are not an educated illiterate then what have you done to make sure these young people don’t pass through the same method of learning you claimed to have passed through. What is the essence of education if we can’t simplify life for others coming behind us? At the best suggestion, I will like to tell the authorities concerned to have a supervising body that will overlook the affairs of this project and make sure no Polytechnics admit students above their classroom capacity and maintenance of schools infrastructure should also be strictly monitored by such bodies to ensure proper learning is taking place in these schools.

Thirdly, let’s also look at the academic spirit of Nigerian polytechnics too. This day if you have the money you have the degree. Many now believe money does the magic, we have people today who could not graduate in the polytechnic because they didn’t offer money to pass even when they are so good in their academic performance.

Accommodation, adequate housing, shelter, or whatever nomenclature that is applied, is a very important index of development at every level of human consciousness. Therefore, shelter, accommodation is very important in the lives of men, it goes without saying that Nigerian students in tertiary institutions deserve adequate accommodation for their rigorous, academic endeavor.

Many times, education in Nigeria is criticized and berated as one of the worst in the world. The critics of the Nigerian education sector indulge in these mindless acts without scrutinizing the various significations that have given education in the country a poor label. One of the many sore points of poor educational standards in Nigeria is accommodation especially in the many tertiary institutions across the country. These days, university and polytechnic students go through the crucible to attend lectures and pursue their academic dreams. Although some schools have made efforts to provide hostels for the students, times have proved that these halls of residents are grossly inadequate for the teeming number of students in the institutions. In many instances, the halls of residence are in a deplorable state and are uninhabitable due to a very poor maintenance culture. In most instances where the halls of residence are habitable, they are inadequate to accommodate the students. The result is that many students seek accommodation in town with all the hazards and security implications. Some students, unprotected from the innumerable vagaries of our society, have lost their lives in their hostels located far away from the school.

To Be Continued.

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