How Can I Make My Brain Sharper, Smarter And Lightning?

Here are few ways of making your brain Sharper, Smarter and lightning.
1. Try cuddling, kissing frequently and intimate often, it’ll help stabilise emotional intelligence and stimulate blood flow to brain.

2. Try using your opposite hand, like if your’e left handed, use your right hand sometimes, and if you’re right handed, use your left hand once in a while i.e brushing teeth, writing few lines on paper.

3. Make a habit to read new things everyday, at least something that’s new to you!

4. Learning new programming language can increase grey matter in your brain, resulting more sharp and active mind, i.e JavaScript, java, python etc.

5. Setting goal for your body, i.e to have six pack abs, getting body in shape, increasing your stamina, a healthy body houses healthy mind.

6. Try listening to top spiritual and motivating talks, it’ll give you new direction of thinking.

7. Limit yourself from people who discourages you to try new things, try new things and activities.

8. Try having coffee on daily basis, but make sure to not overdose it.

9. Playing mind games, like chess, Sudoku, strategic games.

10. Add green vegetables, dry fruits, egg in your breakfast, milk at night, omega 3, fish, coconut and olive in your diet.

11. Drink 8 glasses of water, and make sure to sleep at least 7-8 hours everyday.

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Stay Safe friends.

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