How’s Life Without Money?

Life is awful without money. Some poems are just good in the BOOKS, In real life they nauseate you, this nonsense of life is beautiful without money is one of those scary poems.

Although I must say money is just one aspect because Life also need some other essential aspects like love, respect, health, power amongst many others.

A elderly man told me, See let me tell you this: before I become miserably poor and on those days that I was living in my parent’s home,I had this notion that home, food and few cloths to wear are my birth right, but I came to know in fact even such earthy thing like home, food and cloths are not in fact easy to find and if you think how life is dull as you always search for adventure, then think what if you didn’t have even the basics like food then life was not dull but ugly.

I am sure many of these poets whom wrote these misleading poems like life is beautiful, had a home, Mercedes Benz, perhaps some expensive drug to fuel their mind to write nonsense about beautiful life.

Even if your life is beautiful, lack of money makes it ugly. Look at some of Hollywood stars, most of them have born beautiful so is you and I and many women whom live below poverty line around the globe but what keeps Hollywood star smile and looks pretty even in her 100th birthday party is her maintenance. You see a 100 years old, pretty dancing and singing, in fact it is Money who is singing and dancing because most of us are just lucky to live in 50s margin line.

Other aspect of life is health, I don’t say that all wealthy people are healthy but they are able to maintain their health but poor people get disease easy due to poverty. In fact poverty is a disease.

How many times have you participated in competition but the final choice is for those who have power and recommendation?

Life is beautiful with money . Money brings happiness, draw in friends, love and beauty and who cares if all of them are as plastic as your lovely credit cards..

Money is valued by all unlike an unworthy page of a book . You are what your money value is.

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  • Binna
    Posted August 7, 2021 6:07 pm 0Likes

    Money is essential in surviving. Don’t let anyone confuse you.

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