“I forgot to lock the door and in my utmost embarrassment was my brother and his best friend…”

A pretty girl who decided to remain anonymous shared her most embarrassing moment with me

“Please, keep ANONYMOUS
When I was younger my boyfriend do tell me I had the most amazing ass. I was honestly too young to see my ass as something attractive. I was more offended than flattered.
After him commenting on my Ass over and over, I decided to get a good look at my Ass. There was a full length mirror at the corner of my bed. I pulled down my pants and looked at my butt and couldn’t see it like I wanted. So, I decided to get undressed and get on all fours and get a good look at my bottom in the mirror from a position that he might see me in.
I looked at myself in many different ways on all fours. It was when I decided to get a look at myself from the side that I heard someone at my door. I totally forgot to lock the door and in my utmost embarrassment was my brother and his best friend, my bottom facing them at the door. I quickly fell to the bed and tried to wrap myself in the comforter. The comforter was tight on my mattress and impossible to pull up. Since I couldn’t grab any of the comforter, I probably just looked like some crazy nude chic rolling around. Thankfully, my brother quickly escorted his friend out. But it was definitely way too late, they definitely got a good show of my Ass. I was embarrassed for a long time because I kept seeing that my brother’s friend all the time disturbing me for friendship and telling my brother that I have an amazing body. It was overly humiliating, I’m still embarrassed even writing this now and it was almost liket 6yrs ago”

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