I’m so glad to take this initiative of adding  interview series this year. I believe it’s a wonderful way of introducing other creative, and successful personalities on my blog and to form a relationship. Blogging should not be only a platform to promote everything but it needs to be treated like any other online community where you connect with each other and network. Let it be a phone chat, an email chat or a face to face meeting.

Starting this year, I’m going to be interviewing one or two blogger every month. It’s such a wonderful idea to meet another blogger, talking about their skills, their challenges, way forward and how they are making blogging work for them. They will be sharing practical advice, lessons and experiments they have made in reaching to their big goal.

i’m privileged to have Opemipo Olukoga as the first interviewee on my blog, she’ll be sharing her ideas and how to slay goals in life.

ZITO Greetings Opemipo! Would you mind sharing a little introduction with the readers and let us know how did you get started with your blog online?

OPEMIPLENTY – Hi, everyone
I’m Opemipo Olukoga with the pseudonym – Opemiplenty
I’m a blogger, writer, linguist, fashion designer and a proofreader as well. I love art and creation so do I love interacting with people of great minds and creativity.

I started blogging 2019 October but it was quite difficult for me cause I had myself alone; no one to tutor or put me through. I started again by June realising I needed to be determined enough to continue blogging. I’m the type that don’t give up easily and I believe with determination, that which you desire and look forward to can be yours. So, I did online research, look into blogs of some writers around me and decided on how I want my blog to be to satisfy Reader’s interest.

ZITO What was the biggest challenge you faced when you started your blog?

OPEMIPLENTY – The biggest challenge I faced was being on my own while blogging. There was no one to put me through. I had little troubles getting to know some things and what blogging really entails

ZITO – What is the current challenges you’re facing and how do you plan to tackle it?

OPEMIPLENTY – I feel like I don’t have as much views and comments I ought to have. I crave to be known by all and for my blog to be the limelight. My current challenge is failure to have much views. I remember a certain blogpost of mine which had views so I’m working on getting to know more people and working on publicizing my blog the more

ZITO – Goal setting is an art but not everyone is master at it. You’re a true inspiration when it comes to goal setting and slaying goals. So, what’s your best advice for anyone who’s struggling with goal setting?

OPEMIPLENTY – I’ll advice anyone who’s setting a goal to be determined and unwavering about it

ZITO – SMART goals is a proven concept, so how do you explain that to new bloggers?
How does this goal setting approach help individuals to accomplish their goals? Does this concept still work?

OPEMIPLENTY – Smart goals I presume is scribbling down goals that which will interest and allure the viewers and working on it.

It’s known that when we make plans before moving ahead to work on an issue, we can’t work amiss cause the outline and plans will be of guide.
It still works but it depends on if the blogger is willing to adapt to this method.

ZITO – Why goals are important for bloggers, and business owners? Do you have any proven formula or a bit of actionable advice for anyone who finds goal setting challenging?

OPEMIPLENTY – Even students and traders have goals too. Concerning one’s career, business, education – whatever it is; having goals is essential.

For anyone who finds goal setting challenging. I’ll encourage the person to read, be determined and never give in for distractions. Fear of failure or being seen as a failure has also been of threat to at least 90% humans but I know and I can say – utterly, we can trample on fear. Fear of setting goals and not achieving them or having setbacks makes goal setting challenging. The one in question should be courageous enough to know if he/she steer clear of doubt and fear, the height he/she hover can be his.

ZITO – Do you have an easy formula to help bloggers slay their goals? A lot of bloggers already know what they want to achieve but they don’t know how to hit their goals.

OPEMIPLENTY – Media has been of help so far. If you desire to be a great blogger, research is the best formula! The greatest challenge a man can face is having plans but knowing how to go about it. There are so many blogposts about being a great blogger online which can help bloggers hit their goals

ZITO – One last question…You’re the owner of Opemiplenty You also create time for your Fashion designing job and others as well.

How do you get motivated?

And, what do you do to reach your goals in personal and business life?

OPEMIPLENTY – Sometimes, it’s not easy cause I’ve got so much to do and engage in but when one starts something and do it continously, it becomes part and parcel of that person.

I get my motivation from seeing other bloggers and writers works.

I have so many goals, I work on grabbing every opportunity that can showcase my prowess and great talent to the world.

ZITO – That’s all.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Q/A and I’m so sure this super valuable interview with Opemipo has helped you get a clear vision of goal-setting and its importance.

Thank you for time Opemipo and to our audience.

For more ,you can also visit her blog via the link above.

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