i’m privileged to have Queen Enebechi as my second interviewee on my blog since the inception of these interview series, she’ll be sharing her opinions on how to get motivated in life.

ZITO – The Budding Actress, You seem to have taken Nollywood by storm. I’m curious to know more about this unique girl with a unique spirit and how you got into acting.

QUEEN ENEBECHI – My name is Queen Enebechi Aka ADA Aninri. I call myself a unique girl with a unique spirit because that’s the sum total definition about myself , I got into acting because of my burning passion for it since I was a child until Date.

ZITO – Tell us about some of the movies you’ve featured in, starting from the very first one.

QUEEN ENEBECHI – The very first movie I featured as a nollywood actress was titled, clouds of conspiracy, second one was titled chief ten kobo, isioma, blood of kings, (diary of Faith is my first ever lead role, which I played so well, go check it out, a lot to learn in it ), the motherhood’s price and so on, I totally have lost count of them

ZITO – What is your biggest challenge so far in the industry?

QUEEN ENEBECHI – My biggest challenge in the industry I would prefer not to say

ZITO – You’re the owner of Fashion Fiesta, a Model, An Entrepreneur and Actor. How do you get motivated? And, what do you do to reach your goals in personal and business life?

QUEEN ENEBECHI – I get motivated due to my zeal to do more , I would want to be remembered for my good impacts to the society at large , what I would do to reach my goals in personal and business life is to be the best and add more efforts .

ZITO – Do you have an easy method to help people reach their goals? A lot of people already know what they want to achieve but they don’t know how to hit their goals??

QUEEN ENEBECHI – I would say be the best of who you are, with determination and prayers you will scale through. Connect with the right people and at the right time.

ZITO – Who would you call your icon in the movie industry?

QUEEN ENEBECHI – Every good talented actor deserves to be called an icon in the movie industry

ZITO – What were the things you did at the start of your acting career that helped you propel it this stage and what practical advice would you give someone just starting out?

QUEEN ENEBECHI –  Consistency and not giving up even when it seems u are been neglected, I said to myself it’s time to prove you got the talent, don’t relent

ZITO – Last question,
What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt in life?

QUEEN ENEBECHI – Never expect much from people

ZITO – Thank you for your time, Ma’am

QUEEN ENEBECHI – You welcome.

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