Journalism Of Hatred And Segregation

“I have taken much of my time walking on the streets of Owerri, observing the news paper stands and I discovered that what we practice in Imo state as journalism, is not what it ought to be.

Journalism of hatred and segregation has been the order of the day in IMO state. A situation where journalist can not speak with one voice, just because of Brown envelope, Party journalism, cocktail journalism, yellow journalism etc.

It pains my heart that at this moment no other media house apart from Reach FM has reported on the disappearance of an AOP Sunny Uma Anderson, just because we don’t speak with one voice. Had Sunny Uma been a politician’s son, by now all media houses in Owerri would have given it a powerful different headlines. The joy of Journalism has gone to a far land in Imo state, just because we journalist don’t speak with one voice.

Sunny Uma is a colleague and a friend, that we all should put all hands on deck to fight for. Maybe you may start to say, that it doesn’t concern you, but let me ask you a rhetorical question, do you know whose turn it will be tomorrow?

At this point I charge all journalist in Imo state and withal to come out and speak for Sunny Uma, let the story appear on our different banner headlines, this will help to strengthen journalism practice and also build love between journalists.

Save your profession now and also save your life, for time shall come when journalism practice or profession will be neglected to the minimum. Let put hands together to save our profession and also our land, for the land bleeds.
Thank you and God bless you.”


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