Never Ever Forget These Lessons Of Life

1. Always remember that you can grow without destroying others.

2. Always remember that your dreams can be fulfilled without sabotaging others.

3. Always remember that nobody must go down for you to rise.

4. Always remember that nobody must be shamed or embarrassed for your smile to be sustained.

5. Always remember that while others are rising, you can also rise.

6. Always remember that finding satisfaction in the pain of others will never bring you true happiness.

7. Always remember that what you wish others is a prayer for yourself.

8. Become the good fire that genuinely lights up others, not one that ruins the joy, goodwill, and expectation of others.

9. Never take delight in causing pain or sponsoring the tears of another.

10. Never ever use your position in authority to punish others for fear that your position would be taken from you. You never know tomorrow. Life is uncertain. Also, never use the position you occupy today to frustrate others, for you never can tell what the future holds tomorrow.

11. Allow the true FEAR OF GOD to guide your days, STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS and SET YOUR COURSE.

This is the path to true peace, lasting influence and meaningful living!

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