The Plight Of A Yahoo Boy

It was on a beautiful Wednesday morning,
I woke up feeling agitated, i was out of Internet subscription and i really had to check my mail urgently. I dressed up, not minding how my face looked but to be honest, I was the definition of “wor wor” that morning.

“Good morning sir, I’d like 30 minutes please”, i told the cafe operator. The cafe operator nodded and kept doing what he was doing. Seemed like he was doing ‘nothing’ though. That’s when this guy walked in. “Engineer! Ejoor E fun mi 2 hours”,(please, give me 2 hours) he said as he slipped a torn two hundred naira note into the operator’s palm. The man reluctantly accepted the naira note and gave him his ticket.

I looked at this rowdy and thug-looking individual and wondered why he needed two hours on the internet. What bothered me more was why the cafe man answered him before me. I was getting furious and about to pour out my mind when he handed me my ticket and showed me a computer to use. I sighted that boy with my left eye, he didn’t seem to care about what was happening around him, he was glued to the computer screen.

The cyber cafe was unusually full this morning making me ponder. I ignored everything else and logged in to my system. Just then two young lads walked in. They looked like upcoming touts and what do you know? They walked to a computer and logged in. They were about nine years old and one was singing a popular song, the lyrics contained words like “Mo Fe chache”, hearing those words triggered something in me.

I silently texted our area police station and they swooped in on us, I thought I was being a patriotic citizen and fighting cyber crime, I thought I was the innocent whistle blower, I thought they’d take the rest and leave me. I guess I thought wrong, that was how they packed everybody including the Cyber cafe operator!!

That was how i went to jail for cyber crime, I don’t even have a yahoo mail.
It’s really annoying!😕


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