The Seminarian And His Journey.

No one knows;
What a seminarian hears,
What he sees,
The sacrifices he must offer,
The temptations he encounters,
The tears he shades,
The sorrow he endures,
The loneliness he manages,
The bitterness he experiences,
The Lies levelled against him by some of the people he serves and also by his colleagues,
How he accommodates those who pretend they love him but behind him they destroy him, and talk evil against him.
How he tries to live more than a human, the lack he suffers,
The discrimination he must not react to,
The accusations he has to mute at,
The expectations he strives to cope with,
Even a fellow does not know what the other goes through; Neither does he understand,
His parents, siblings, and relatives don’t understand the crucifixion that awaits him when he is being pronounced a priest.
He is alive for God and yet he lives for everyone! A candle that burns for everyone to see but dies slowly, A Seminarian & the Seminary is what no One can fully understand or comprehend!
The seminary is “A Mystery”,
The Seminarian is a mystery too And the priesthood is more mysterious.

A mystery is an incomprehensible intelligibility! So all you can do for him is do pray for him and support  him in your own little ways.

Make him happy at least, encourage him, for an unhappy Seminarian is a disaster to the Church of God! Don’t forget that a seminarian today is a priest tomorrow, there is no state of seminarianhood.
The seminarian you take for granted today has the potency of becoming a bishop

Be Guided.

God bless you all.

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  • Binna
    Posted March 16, 2021 12:46 pm 0Likes

    Well said sire, your wisdom amaze me.

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