Things We Should Never Do!

– Don’t date a stranger for sex only and don’t ruin a 14-16 year-olds life just to taste virginity.

– Don’t gaze at a lady who’s breastfeeding her hungry kid, rather respect her motherhood.

– Never work for money for life-time, rather learn the ways to let money work for you, there are lot of options out there.

– Never upload your expensive belongings on social media platforms, this could attract thieves and bad intentions from people.

– Never showcase your happy relationship on social media, otherwise be ready for the wrath of your jealous friends.

– Never compromise your career over love, if you fail professionally; you’ll end up turning a beggar and no one will love a financially crippled person, so always prefer career over love.

– Never cheat and hurt anyone, and never feel superior or inferior from anyone.

– Never save your important passwords online, those platforms can be hacked as well.

– Never ever disrespect your parents, especially when they turn old, you’ve no idea how much they sacrificed to make you what you are now.

– Never do multi-tasking, it’ll ruin your mental capability like a slow poison.

– Never post your family member pictures on social media, maybe someone can use those to ruin your beloved one’s life.

– Don’t lend money to your nearest ones, otherwise be ready to lose the money and them.

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  • Binna
    Posted January 30, 2021 9:39 am 0Likes

    All was relevant and must be adhered.
    Thank you. 😌

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