I respect men(women) of principle, because I know a man without principle in life can never become a principal icon, but when you are not empathetic in the application of your principles it will turn to wickedness.
It’s good to think yourself but it’s best to think others
Think yourself, think others, life is not all about you, when it becomes me, I, and myself, you will just be existing but not living. It takes two to live and two to understand the meaning of life and all around us as human, let it not just be you but us and you will see what will become of you.
You can’t know the beauty of life without having others around you or their sincere interest in mind.

As you think of going higher, it’s good to help others go higher too, when all your efforts is just for you to become great with thinking about the greatness of other, you will end up building a life that won’t give you real fulfilment.
You are really fullfil when you help others to fulfill their good ambitions.
Life is amazing when we grow together.

Think youself, think others, in that lies a real definition of life.
Preaching the word, preaching life.


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