Who Says An Elder Can’t Be Wrong

I don’t agree, I totally disagree with that, Of course they can be wrong.
Not that they are elders or parents.
They are not super human beings, To err is human So are the elders. They can do any wrong, some times drastic and to the extreme infact they are the ones associated with the wrong doings.

I have heard countless times when an elder will say, “I made the wrong decision either in choosing a life partner or in making some decisions” Some young ones or children become better and more successful, they prove to be far more sensible and intelligent then their parents.

Talking about what the present parents do to choose what they want. In our modern culture, there are hundreds of examples where the parents marry their children to a wrong person. They cannot detect the flaws and bad outcomes . Well, they will say it was a fate, No doubt, fate plays a big role in our lives, but still one can say, it was the wrong decision by the parents.
This is one example, am quite sure there can be a lot more which we see all around us.
I also, I cannot absolve, I am a weak being, prone to mistakes, working towards perfection. Ironically some parents, their decisions concerning their kids as well as bosses who have people under them could be all wrong.

So to become a parent or being an adult is not a criteria that you can never be wrong.
It is rather a big gamble to marry and also to be able to bring up your kids correctly.

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